Tvm specialises in account administration and transaction processing systems.  First launched in 1999, our software, CreditPlus, has powered businesses in Africa, Australasia and Europe.  Rabobank, rated the world's safest bank, has used CreditPlus in its European headquarters since 2001 to manage a complex structured finance book.

CreditPlus offers transaction management and accounting across a range of financial accounts such as loans and investments.  Our content management system allows you to design your own business objects and manage the transaction flow between them.  We calculate and schedule transactions such as interest, commissions, tax, fees and payments.  Features such as document management, statement generation, credit, cashier, debtors and many others, complement our core transaction engine.

Our latest version runs on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. This offers a highly scalable, low risk solution as you can try before you buy with no capital expensiture.  Various subscription plans are available based on the complexity of the App and the size of your business.


CreditPlus is App-driven.  Each App defines the business objects you want to manage as well as the features you wish to use.  Whereas most software will "hard code" concepts such as customer and account, CreditPlus allows you to define your own business objects.  This enables you to tune the software to your exact business requirements.   It also allows us to manage more complex and unusual schemes beyond the typical customer and account scenario.

Typically, you would choose one of our standard Apps and adapt it.  If you were designing an App from scratch, you would follow the following process.